lino ramble  2017 vinyl pinot grigio

Adelaide Hills from Kuitpo. Straight up ‘n’ down grigio from free run juice. Feel the freshness. The freshness of Andy Coppard’s beard. Crisp and  tangy, refreshing and utterly smashable. A no brainer drinker of the highest order. Touch of grassiness, squeeze of lime/lemon, bristling minerally tang. Aromatic, easy to drink, grigio 101 with just a touch of flair. Guzzle with impunity. Blistering value:

Rated : 91 Points Mike Bennie, Wine Front

Lino ramble 2017 pee wee nero d'avola novello

Nero d’Avola picked a touch earlier for freshness. It hangs out on skins for about 48 hours, then pressed off and fermented. From a biodynamic certified vineyard. Pretty simple stuff, per se. Great DNA from winemaker Andy Coppard. He has a lovely, dense thatch on his face these days. Also a very considered approach to winegrowing. Bookish, in a way. But cooler, in his corduroy.

Bright and juicy, flighty and fun. Giggle water with a serious twist. Has a bold perfume of cherry, watermelon, sweet spice, faint sugared almond character, sweet green herbs. Inviting sweet fruit flavours, supple texture, clarity of flavour, freshness. Really delicious, vin de soif style. More of this thanks, save for warmer days.
Rated : 91 Points Mike Bennie, Wine Front

lino ramble 2017 ring o rosie nero d'avola pet nat

“Stirred like you stir your Coopers Sparkling Ale”. Proper pet nat making here; live wine in bottle, bottled on solids. “With sparkling wines made this way, I like that you should be able to taste where it is grown”, says Andy Coppard of pet nats. Truth. Best yet, is the price – accessibility is writ large. No gouging or opportunism here. Wonderful.

Earthy, bloody, plummy fruit scents. Pot pourri of dried flowers, brown spice, dried orange peel. Hello! Palate has amaro-like qualities, juicy but crunchy texture, fine bristle of bubbles. Refreshing as, delicious as. This is a cracking drink from any angle. Kudos.

Rated: Rated : 92 Points Mike Bennie, Wine Front

Lino ramble 2017 ring o rosie fiano pet nat

Bottled as a live wine, here fiano is thrust into its glass cage towards the end of its fermentation process. It’s sent to its final resting place with solids, yeast, sugar, all working together. No additions at all. Pet Nat XL.

Almonds and pears, green apple and sea spray. The palate is all oyster-y minerally, creamy, finishing crisp but with so much character oscillating around that minerally feel. Nashi pear, quince, cloudy sake character. It’s a lively, personality filled fizz of great charisma, albeit something out of the box.

Rated : 90 Points Mike Bennie, Wine Front.

lino ramble 2016 ludo, fiano

One third of the wine sees skin contact, one third barrel fermented, one third stainless steel. Natural fermented, no fining or filtering, no additions. Winemaker Andy Coppard likes that with McLaren Vale fiano the acid tends not to drop out, as with some varieties, even with some heat in the latter stages of harvest time. Righteous.

This is a stunner. Love the perfume, sea spray, honey-kissed almond, ripe lemon, pretty as but with a mineral-chared edge. Texture, freshness, thread of saline acidity. Just the ticket. It rolls smooth and bright across the palate, pear-like with a touch of richness, but that skinsy tang and tug. Beautiful wine; shout it from the roof tops.

 Rated : 94 Points Mike Bennie Wine Front


We’re really getting somewhere with Grenache now. I liked this so much, that I transferred it into my Nebbiolo glass. Anyway, didn’t know much about the wine, so contacted winemaker Andy Coppard for more details. I also sent him a picture of Mark Hamill portraying evil super hero “The Cock Knocker”, but that’s another story. Anyway, our McLaren Vale Superhero told me

Red fruits, plenty of spice, toffee apples, hazelnuts. Medium bodied, juicy cherry mingles with spice and savoury autumnal flavours – decay and beauty – an almost Pinot-like expression of Grenache with a feathery mouth-feel, light drag of emery tannin, and dried herb and spice on a pretty long finish. Unforced and beautiful to drink. Go Gomas!
Rated : 94 Gary Walsh Wine Front

lino ramble 2013 ludo, roussanne blend


Lino Ramble Ludo 2013 Roussanne Marsanne Viognier94/100
Food styled wines for the inner city set. All varieties picked at the same time, to create a
complex wine. Aromas show early picked mineral solids in savoury wild ferment that is low
key and old school. The flavours start yellow wine gums, then yellow peach with roussanne
line and length, then marsanne mid palate and viognier lift. It creates a textural full flavoured
and long wine with a full bodied creamy mouth feel and subtle phenolic firmness.



Newish outfit Lino ramble has sources a biodynamic vineyard for this fun-loving yet interesting wine. It’s spicey, peppery and red fruited in its essences. In the palate shows juciness and a sense of sweet fruit, but finishes clean and light crunchy. A bold and bright, charismatic red wine.

93 Points.

lino ramble 2014 ludo


This lovely textural white blend is a brilliant example of how the Rhone white varieties roussanne, marsanne and viognier thrive in McLaren Vale: there’s a seductive perfume, satisfying vinosity and a lively, morish freshness. Yum.

lino ramble ring a rosie, NERO D'AVOLA ROSE petillant naturel


Certainly had a gusher on my hands earlier, foolishly opening it over a white bench. Quick glass under it, dash to the sink, and job’s a good ‘un. Don’t wear white while opening, or get a fancy-haired black T-shirt wearing somm to do it for you. Winemaker Andy wants you to serve this very well chilled. Will be interesting to hear what our champion Pet Nat man, Mike Bennie, thinks of this.

Fruit was hand harvested. Destemmed & given 24 hours skin contact. Basket pressed straight to old french oak barriques. Wild fermented till there was 5 g/L residual sugar left, then hand bottled. No additions made.

It’s certainly rustic and sports a nice cloudy maroon or maybe beetroot colour (the kids loved it when it hit the white bench). Earthy, spicy, slightly sweaty, sour cherries and flowers. Has a subtle sweetness with the sour cherry flavour you might find in a Kriek lambic beers, light powdery tannin and a spicy/sweet/sour finish. Tastes curious and curiously refreshing. I like it much better than any sparkling wine I can think of at this price point, though it may not be for everyone. Kind of hard to rate, but recommended for the more adventurous drinker.

Rated : 91 Points



We’re really getting somewhere with Grenache now. I liked this so much, that I transferred it into my Nebbiolo glass. Anyway, didn’t know much about the wine, so contacted winemaker Andy Coppard for more details. I also sent him a picture of Mark Hamill portraying evil super hero “The Cock Knocker”, but that’s another story. Anyway, our McLaren Vale Superhero told me –

The vineyard is located on Seaview Rd in MV. Not far from Kay’s. Rich Loam over limestone. Currently under going organic certification.
Fruit was hand harvested. 25% whole bunch, open fermented using wild yeast. 21 day skin contact. Basket Pressed and matured in old French oak barriques for 8 months. No added acid, tannin, enzymes, fining agents etc. Only addition made was SO2 post MLF.

Red fruits, plenty of spice, toffee apples, hazelnuts. Medium bodied, juicy cherry mingles with spice and savoury autumnal flavours – decay and beauty – an almost Pinot-like expression of Grenache with a feathery mouth-feel, light drag of emery tannin, and dried herb and spice on a pretty long finish. Unforced and beautiful to drink. Go Gomas!

Rated : 94 Points


Lino Ramble Treadlie 2014 Posted july 2015. Gary Walsh: THE WINE FRONT

Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro.

Scorched Peanut Bar, raspberries and cherries, some dried herb, hazelnuts. Medium bodied, nutty, glycerol feel but with slaty tannin to keep it trim. Succulent. Long. Chateauneuf eat your heart out.

Rated : 94 Points

Lino Ramble Ludo 2014 Posted june 2015. Gary Walsh: THE WINE FRONT

Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier.

Goes well with a Californian mountain view and the company of bears. Maybe.

Tangerine, white flowers, lemon zest and ginger spice. Light bodied, tight acidity cuts through the subtly honeyed glycerol texture. Somewhat tentative on the front palate, but puts its foot foot down on the back. Feels cleaner and brighter than its older sisters – more purity, less artifice – zings a good bit, feels fresh and tastes great.

Rated : 93 Points

LINO RAMBLE TOM BOWLER 2014 Posted May 2015. Gary Walsh: THE WINE FRONT

Biodynamically grown. 275 cases produced. New wine from the Lino Ramblers. Winemaker Andy Coppard now seems to be sporting a massive beard, of almost Grizzly Adams proportions. Maybe.

Smells of roasted peanuts, boysenberry and red berries, a handful of dried herbs and spice, and maybe a few black jelly beans. Medium bodied with an almost silky feel and supple fine tannin, then some cranberry juice acidity and dryness to mix with the gentle toffee and blueberry sweetness. Finishes dry and fresh, and almost ‘minerally’. Lovely thing to drink. Recommended.

Rated : 92 Points


It’s a blend of Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier. Loved the 2012, and think this may be a little bit better. Has a bit of funk, but I suspect, not quite so much as the 2012; it’s fresher and a little cleaner. Honeydew and honeysuckle, ginger and a dusting of white pepper, almost radish, with some stonefruit richness tucked in behind. Anyway, it’s not so much about the smells, but more the texture with this wine. Light to medium bodied, fleshy soft calcium/chalky texture, lemon juice in water kind of acidity, light mouth perfume and a smooth powdery finish. Delicious. If you’re of the interesting-textural-none-too-fiddled-with style of wine persuasion, then odds on you’ll find this very attractive. Pretty hard to stop drinking it.

Rated : 94 Points


Lino Ramble Treadlie 2013 Posted AUGUST 2014. Gary Walsh: THE WINE FRONT

Winemaker Andy Coppard says the word ‘absolutely’ quite a lot. Is this a good wine? Absolutely! It’s a more serious, stern wine than the 2012, I think. Grenache 57%, Shiraz 29%, Mataro 14%. 190 dozen made.

Juicy cherry, fresh raspberry, mineral, pepper and earth with a touch of choc-licorice and floral perfume. Medium bodied, sure footed stippled tannin guides the way, though it’s the fine acidity which mainly drives it along – minerally acidity, in a kind of gun metal way, esoteric, though kind of hard to describe otherwise –  and plump with flavour, though it’s not sweet at all, I hasten to add. Almost bony. Convincing finish trailing with fine tannin and dusty spice. Pretty stylish and interesting tilt at GSM here.

Rated : 94 Points


floored By The Daring of Lino

By: Max Allen from: The Australian, August 24 2013.

NEW wine brands. There's a squillion of 'em out there. When the shelves of every bottle-o and restaurant are so massively overcrowded, how on earth can a young winemaker make their new brand stand out and get noticed?

Yes, the liquid in the bottle has to be good, of course. But to break through the cacophony of competition, you need something else. And that something, I believe, is called being true to yourself.

To demonstrate, let me tell you about a new small wine venture called Lino Ramble. It's a side project for winemaker Andy Coppard and business manager Angela Townsend, both of whom have day jobs at Kay's Amery winery in McLaren Vale. So far, so familiar: every week I come across a new label by an eager young jobbing winemaker made and launched in his or her spare time.

Andy and Ange are selling two 2012 wines: a white blend of roussanne, marsanne and viognier, a red blend of grenache, shiraz and mourvedre, both selling for $28. Again, nothing noteworthy here: plenty of winemakers are playing with these blends at this price point.

So when Andy contacted me to introduce his new label, there wasn't much to distinguish his email from the countless others I get each week. Except the name. Lino Ramble? It caught my attention. What did it mean?

So I clicked on the web link and immediately realised this wasn't just another bland copycat brand. There was substance here. Soul.

"We both have nostalgic memories," the website says, "of happy childhoods growing up in weatherboard cottages with linoleum floors, vinyl records, bikes and board games.

"We want to revisit the fear and joy of swimming past our depth, riding our bikes for the first time without training wheels. So after six years of working together for a small family wine business, we've climbed on top of the dog kennel, tied a cape around our necks, held our breaths and jumped."

Picking up on these themes, the red's called Treadlie and the white's called Ludo - "after a children's game, hours of entertainment" but also because it "means 'I Play' in Latin. We found this out after we named the wine - just in case you were thinking we were a bit wanky...”

But the Lino Ramble pitch isn't just retro charm and good humour. Andy and Ange also generously credit the vineyards they sourced their fruit from and the people who grew the grapes, as well as others involved: their cellar hand, the label designer, etc - which is something too few winemakers do.

Not surprisingly, perhaps, Andy and Ange's wines are full of engaging personality, too.

The Ludo white is wonderfully savoury, and gently fruity, rich and textural, tasting like sweet fresh hay that's been soaked in mandarin juice, threaded with little honeysuckle flowers.

And the Treadlie red is unusually bright and tangy, with sweet glossy purple fruit and a complex undertow of boot polish, brample pips, and chewy pipe tobacco.

Lino Ramble is a new brand that definitely stands out from the crowd.


A tiny McLaren Vale offering owned by Andy Coppard and Angela townsend. Delicious, medium-to-full bodied and dry. Tobacco, minerality and chocolate with pencil shavings and other good stuff. the best GSM this year.

Mood match: Open to the universe. This one landed on the tasting bench as if from outer space. Great kit, totally unexpected and with enough thrust to launch a rocket.

WINE FRONT: Gary Walsh June 2013

One of the things I like to think we do well here at The Wine Front, between the three of us, is alert you to new and interesting wines. Most often before any of the other sources catch up. This is the side project of Kay Brothers winemaker, Andy Coppard and Angela Townsend – also of Kays. Check out their website. Almost guaranteed to bring a smile to your face if you’re of a certain age.  

Lino Ramble: 2012 Ludo: Pretty funky sort of smelling wine – earth, gauze, Szechwan pepper, chicken, but also ginger, white flowers, honeydew melon rind and traditional lemonade. It’s tight and tangy – citrine and zesty – but also smoothed by a light creamed honey texture and flavour. Early picked, it seems, for minerality and liveliness; this lino has texture! Drinking it is both interesting and rewarding; so often not the case with McLaren Vale whites. Absolutely worth checking out.  

Rated: 93 Points, Drink 2013-2018

Lino Ramble: 2012 Treadlie: Szechwan pepper, Brazil nuts, dark cherry, dark chocolate and treacle tart (like my Mum used to make), slatey earthy characters, some raspberry, though you’d never believe there was so much Grenache in this one. Medium bodied, grainy and savoury, love the texture and energy, tobacco and dark fruit – pencil/mineral characters – choc nut finish. Yum. Great fruit. Gun metal and gun winemaker. So composed and at ease with itself. Blimey. Bloody delicious.

Rated : 94 Point Drink : 2013 - 2018+