Lino Lovers will be pumped to hear that Lino Laundry Cellar Door is now open in Port Noarlunga. Com down and check out our wines at Noddy's Anitques and Curios, 11 Gawler Street Port Noarlunga - just 10 kms north of McLaren Vale. The refurbished laundry opens onto a courtyard that you can chill out and enjoy a glass of our current releases plus a few from the cellar. Noddy's is walking distance to the beach and other super cool shops. 

We are open weekends and public holidays 12pm - 5pm and by appointment. 

2016 Blind Man's Bluff Bastardo RR $30.00


Another newby for us. We have teamed up with good friends Matt Hatwell & Jock Harvey at Chalk Hill Viticulture to investigate improving varietal diversity in McLaren Vale. The boys have trialled some Bastardo on their California Road vineyard in Whites Valley. Bastardo (yep it's real name) is grown through out much of Spain and Portugal where it is used for dry red and Port production. It also goes by the name Trousseau in the Jura (France). The variety is renowned for producing wines that have dark fruit flavours, some minerality and gamey characters. It also has a reputation for being particularly suited to hot climates. Those of you familiar with The Vale in summer will appreciate how compatible Bastardo will be to our conditions. It further demonstrates how important it is for ourselves and Chalk Hill Viticulture long term to investigate varieties like Bastardo to ensure we are using the best suited ones in a warming climate.

The name Blind Man's Bluff stems the game of blind folded chasey we played as kids. For this wine, the "bluff" is for the consumers benefit. The name Bastardo suggests it's going to taste like a mean mother trucker. However we have crafted the wine into a style that's quite elegant. 

2016 Simon Says Saperavi RR $30.00



Essentially the Saperavi is another variety Chalk Hill Viticulture have trialled at their California Road vineyard. As with all trials you never really know how things are going to pan out. We would have been happy if one of two varieties looked the goodies and we were confident that they would compliment our exciting range of wines. You can imagine how pumped we were when they both pressed our buttons!

Saperavi originates from Georgia in Eastern Europe. It is referred to as a Teinturier variety ie. The pulp of the grape berry contains colour pigmentation as well as the skins. The wines made generally have very deep colour, lots of tannins and high levels of natural acid. Suffice to say ours is no exception! Indeed the name Saperavi in Georgia translates to ink or paint. Our hands over vintage were stained a deep iodine colour as soon as the Saperavi fruit began to ferment. Those with a penchant for wines that pack a punch will need to introduce themselves to Simon.

Why Simon Says? Because it starts with S.



2016 Pee Wee Rose (Nero d'Avola) RR $25.00

We love this Sicilian variety so much we have decided to play with some more thanks to our good friends Mark and Lisa McCarthy's and make a Rose.

Given our original Nero d'Avola was named Tom Bowler after the large marble we used to play with as kids then it seemed only fitting that the lighter-bodied Rose-style should be called Pee Wee, the mini marble!

We discovered that Nero is a fantastic variety for making Rose with. In addition to retaining excellent levels of natural acid that provide the backbone to all our wines, Nero also develops excellent flavours early in fruit development ... perfect as a Rose base!

Mark & Lisa also grow superb apples, pears, avocados and INCREDIBLE cherries. Check them out The Willunga Farmers Markets each Saturday morning or at their Sand Road farm opposite Goodieson's Brewery 7 days a week

2016 Ludo Fiano RR $30.00

A new direction for fans of our textural white wine. Sadly, the Roussanne blend is no more. But the good news is that we have found a kick arse replacement in the form of some amazing fruit from Ben Lacey & family on their Branson Road vineyard in Whites Valley McLaren Vale.

Fiano is a variety grown throughout Campania and Sicily in the south of Italy. As such it is well suited to warm Mediterranean climate of McLaren Vale.  It's famous for producing wines with generous flavours and aromas. Essentially, perfect for the Ludo "style" we like to make. For 2016 we found that it retained its natural acid levels really well despite the predominantly dry growing season.

In addition to some barrel fermentation we have also selected one third of the fruit to ferment separately on skins to achieve even more texture & mouth feel. 

2015 Tom Bowler Nero d'Avola RR $30.00

We were delighted at how well the 2014 was received by lovers of The Ramble and critics alike believe the 2015 is even better. Made essentially the same way as the '14 in terms of fruit maceration (gentle hand plunging) and duration in oak, but it had an extra 7 days on skins to develop even more texture and flavour. As with 2014, the fruit is sourced entirely from the biodynamically certified Hiltop vineyard in Whites Valley. 

NEWS 19th July 2016

2015 Gomas Grenache

In case you haven't noticed, we've got a thing for Grenache. The variety is so well suited to McLaren Vale's Mediterranean climate given it ripens later than Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Fortunately we managed to get our hot little hands on a small parcel of fruit from Jim Zerella off his vineyard on the corner of Oliver's and Seaview Road. We had seen the fruit almost 20 years ago when Andy Oliver owned the property and Haselgroves made wine from it. We knew it made good booze.

Can't tell you how important fruit selection is. We made a deliberate attempt to source fruit that would enable us to make a more medium bodied style that had tight structure and good natural acidity. We wanted to avoid picking it too ripe and ending up with a wine with sweet confectionery flavours and high alcohol.

We are pumped with the outcome. Gary Walsh's review on The Wine Front described it as being"an almost Pinot-like expression of Grenache" summed exactly what we were trying to achieve.

News April 2015

2015 Vintage

A very early start to vintage. Picking Grenache in February is unheard of. There was virtually no rainfall throughout the growing season at all. Fortunately following the last significant rain event in late July (pre-budburst), the soil moisture levels were at full capacity. Drought tolerant varieties that we choose to work with like Grenache and Nero dÁvola handled the conditions beautifully. In general the growing season was relatively mild, excessive (+35C) heat days were not significant and the fruit ripened sublimely with good flavour and natural acidity.

A very early start to vintage. Picking Grenache in February is unheard of. There was virtually no rainfall throughout the growing season at all. Fortunately following the last significant rain event in late July (pre-budburst), the soil moisture levels were at full capacity. Drought tolerant varieties that we choose to work with like Grenache and Nero dÁvola handled the conditions beautifully. In general the growing season was relatively mild, excessive (+35C) heat days were not significant and the fruit ripened sublimely with good flavour and natural acidity.

November 2014

The Carnival is Over: 1967 The Seekers.

after 8 award winning wine making years at Kay Brothers,  Andy has chosen to leave safe and secure employment to focus on Lino Ramble. (Good Choice!!)  He was the longest serving winemaker at Kays for some decades and the wines he and the guys made have received both national and international awards and recognition.

So after 15 years between us and with heart felt sincerity we would like to thank Kay Brothers for the amazing opportunities they gave us and to work with such a fine group of people particularly Col Rayment, the cellar / vineyard hands and the cellar door crew. We are proud of our achievements and wish Kay Brothers Amery continued success.

The Wine Song: Cat Empire 2003

We’ve had amazing opportunities to manage and develop vineyards in both Margaret River and McLaren Vale. Andy has studied Viticulture as well as Oenology and is part of the McLaren Vale Grape Wine and Tourism's Sustainable Wine growing Program.
As we move forward with our own brand we have developed relationships and friendships with growers who farm using organic and bio dynamic principles. The Nero D’Avola vineyard is certified Bio dynamic and fruit for the 2015 Treadlie will come from a vineyard undergoing the certification process.

We relate to people who choose to farm sustainably. We hope our wines do their hard work justice and aim to show case their passion/dedication just as much as ours in the wines we make.

27th January 2014

Happy Birthday to Ya, Stevie Wonder 1981

12th of December 2013 marked the 1st anniversary of Lino Ramble. The 'school project' became a registered business. And what a year! Some terrific reviews and a bronze medal in the McLaren Vale Wine Show. Many sincere thanks must go to our supporting family and friends and the community of McLaren Vale for making it such an awsome year for us.

On The Road Again... Willie Nelson 1979

We have been hitting the pavement and speaking with mainly sommeliers and small wine merchants to try and find homes for our wines. It certainly is not an easy task and it has placed both of us well out of our comfort zones but we have met some genuinely interesting people and have placed our wines in some truly top shelf restaurants and bottle shops. Meeting the odd tosser along the way is probably unavoidable - but fortunately these have been few.

Red Red Wine.... UB40 1981

We have also bottled a 2013 Adelaide Hills Pinot Noir - Red Rover - and intend releasing this wine in the next few months. Rover came from Magpie Springs, a much loved vineyard of our friend Stuart Brown. There are 3 different clones of pinot in this vineyard and long with our children we hand picked a mixture of all 3 clones. (We did this when it was still under netting, fine for us short arses but Andy polished the top of his head a little more than he would have liked). The fruit was 100% whole bunch fermented in a couple of picking bins, basket pressed (in what must be the worlds smallest press)  and put to bed in a single 5 year old French oak barrique. This wine is unfiltered, unfined and has had no additions. It was hand bottled using stelvin closures - which was the most mechanical aspect to the whole process.

In hindsight we wish we had used cork with a bit of wax to seal the bottle, not because we prefer cork to stelvins but it would have represented how hand made and low tech this wine is.

Red Rover has a lifted nose of strawberries and rose petals - almost too pretty and a tight briary structure on the palate. We recommend that you decant it early in the evening or open it the day before would be even better. If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with a cellar and patience, put it down for a couple of years and have another look at it then. It is due for release in mid February and will retail for $28.00 be quick because only 25 dozen were made.

What's the Time Mr Wolf....South Side of Bombay 1992

My father in-law Dick Townsend loved to drink wine. He was famously known for enjoying prestigious and expensive bottles of red in the privacy of his lounge room bar then re-filling the empty bottle with wine given to him by his close friend John Patritti. He would share these "doctored" bottles of wine with his shooting buddies and wait in anticipation for their favourable comments, sometimes revealing their true contents and sometimes not. It was widely known at "The Lodge" that you never really knew what you were drinking (or eating) at the Townsend's.

Dick also kept a barrel behind his bar, originally filled with Patritti muscat, over the years adding to it with liqueur wines or rum given to him by his friends. We'd nick this wine when he wasn't around and I often watched him tap the barrel to see how much was left, eyeing me up and down speculating correctly that I had pilfered gob fulls when he wasn't looking.

Dick has been gone now for 8 years, passing away at a dignified age of 80. He took his olive recipe with him but left behind a barrel of sticky, black, treackly muscat. We had loosened its contents, very proudly and quite rightfully with muscat produced by the Patritti family.

Introducing Mr Wolf. This wine is dedicated to the Blackers, Testers and Patrittis and all who drank with Dick Townsend.


Dirty Deeds.....ACDC 1976

Before the majority of Ludo2013 goes to bottle, we will reserve 50 litres or so which will be hand bottled and unfiltered. While not attempting to jump on board the natural wine movement (although we do love some of these wines) we are curious to see how this wine develops - same wine, two different approaches to the final process. I have a friend with a dairy and I have always preferred milk straight from the cow - but I'm a little bit Country and he is a little more Rock and Roll. We have certainly had a lot of interest from sommeliers in particular for wines which have had very little to absolutely no man handling at all. You could go through a whole pallet of wine discussing the pros and cons of microbial of us has a low tolerance for it and the other isn't as fussed as long as the wine is in balance. Either way we have consciously chosen (and is our only addition) to use minimal sulpher - neither of us would be terribly happy if one of our wines came out smelling like my chook shed...arm pits and sweaty arse on the other hands is quite another matter....each to their own?!

Tie A Yellow Ribbon...Tony Orlando and Dawn 1973

On a recent trip back "home" for Andy, we were lucky enough to purchase enough second hand French Oak barriques courtesy of our friends in Margaret River. These fine barrels will be used to house the 2014 vintage. We hope to double Treadlie production in 2014 as this wine is selling like hot cakes and it looks as though we will sell out of the 12's before the 2013's are ready for release. We are also crossing our fingers that a parcel of biodynamic and organic Nero D'Avola we've been coveting over the past few months comes our way in 2014, effectively bringing our total production to 750 cases - well that's the plan at this stage anyway.

..stay tuned...same bat time...same bat channel..